Propositions CLUB SHOW 2021

11.05.2021 00:00


awarding CAC/CAJC certificates , Club Winner 2021, Youth Club Winner 2021 titles



DATE: 10. 07.2021

VENUE: Veľké Úľany, Horse riding area, Priemyselná 2

JUDGE : MVDr. Gabriela Ridarčíková / SK

PROGRAMME:  Addmission of the dogs              13.00 hod. - 14.00 hod

                               Judging in the show rings       14.30 hod. – 17.30 hod.

                               Competitions                          17.30 hod.    

Deadline : 26.6.2021


ENTRY FEES:                                      members of WCCS                       non-members

The 1st dog                                                  35,- Eur                                     45,- Eur

The 2nd dog and aditional dog                     25,- Eur                                     40, Eur

Minnor puppy class, Puppy class,

Veteran class, Honour class                        20,- Eur                                       40,- Eur

PET class                                                     20,- Eur                                      40,- Eur

Competitions                                                20,- Eur                                      40,- Eur




BANK DETAILS for payment of entry fees

Account No.:  54139112/0200, VÚB, a. s.

IBAN:          SK50 0200 0000 00005413 9112


Minnor Puppy class Dog / Bitch               3 – 6 months

Puppy class Dog / Bitch                            6 – 9 months

Junior class Dog / Bitch                            9 – 18 months

Intermediate class Dog / Bitch                 15 – 24 months

Open class Dog / Bitch                             from 15 months

Working class Dog / Bitch                        from 15 months (enclosed photocopy of Working Certificate)

Champion class Dog / Bitch                        from 15 months for the dogs with International Champion of Beauty from the member countries of FCI (enclosed photocopy of Championship)

Veteran class Dog / Bitch                            from 8 years

Honour class Dog / Bitch                             for showing dogs with the titles - International Champion or

National Champion, National Winner, Club Winner, Special Show Winner. The titles must have been obtained in adult classes. The dogs do not compete for all the Club Show titles.

Funny class



CAJC – Certificate of Junior Champion of Slovakia – can be awarded to the winner dog and bitch in Junior Class graded Excellent 1.

CAC – Certificate of Champion of Slovakia – can be awarded to the winner dog and bitch in Intermediate, Open, Working and Champion Class graded Excellent 1.

Reserve CAC – Reserved Certificate of Champion of Slovakia – can be awarded to the dog and bitch in Intermediate, Open, Working and Champion Class graded Excellent 2 if there has been awarded CAC certificate.

Junior Club Winner 2020 – title awarded to the dog and the bitch that achieved graded Excellent 1 and CAJC in Junior class.

Club Winner 2020 – title awarded to the dog and the bitch from the winners of Open, Intermediate, Open, Working, Champion class graded Excellent 1 and CAC and the winner of Veteran class graded Excellent1.

Best of Breed – title awarded to the dog and the bicth from winners of Club Winner Dog, Club Winner Bitch, Junior Club Winner Dog, Junior Club Winner Bitch and Veteran Class Winner Dog And Bitch graded Excellent1.

Best Opposite Sex – title awarded from all that have been competing for Best of Breed but opposite sex than the winner of Best of Breed title.



Best brace

The Best Breeding Group

(for 3 or more dogs from one kennel, from two different s at least and will have been judged on the show)

Child and Dog



The show is organized according to the Show Rules and Regulations of SKJ and FCI. All entered dogs must be registred in the Stud Books accepted by FCI.

By submitting of the show application the exhibitor is obliged to follow all conditions stated in the Show rules and regulations of SKJ and FCI and the Club show provisions and it is recognized as an Act of Agreement with all stated conditions. The exhibitor also expresses the agreeement to fulfil all veterinary regulations and confirm permission to the club show organiser  to publish his/her name, surname, address and the information on the entered dogs in catalogue or the webpage  of the club show organisor including using the photographs and all details cocerning the course of the show   and show results in written papers or media of the club show organiser. 

It is oblifatory to pay the entry-fee even in the case that the exhibitor will not be able to take part in the show for any reason. The entry is due to pay up to the last deadline, otherwise the dog wil not be registred in a catalogue and entered to the show. Postal order or bank payment is covered by the exhibitor. The application can be cancelled only before the date of the last enrollment. In this case the entry fee is shorten by 10 euros due to handling charge. In case of cancellation of the show due to any unpredictable reasons, entry fees will be used for covering the incurred expences. The dogs entered in the minnor puppy, puppy and veteran class are not considered as a the first enrolled dog. Reduced fee for the second and another dog enrolled can be applied only by the one owner with the same address stated in the pedigree as it is in the details of an application of the first dog.

Organiser take no responsibility for damages caused by the dog or to the dog and has the right without any particular reason tefuse to accept the dog to the show. The exhibitor is responsible for all damages caused by the dog.

Free movement of dogs at the exhition site or selling puppies is forbidden.

the exhibitor may submit the protest during the show until the judging is finished.  A protest can only be submitted for formal reasons, in writen form,  against a deposit 50 eur, which will forfeit in case the decision of the committee is unfounded.

Protest against any decision made by judge – grade, placement, titles, etc., is not allowed.



Dogs  from abroad must have PET PASSPORT with valid vaccination.